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Panorama Centre, office- 5, Umm Al Qura Street, Safa, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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The best pomegranates are the ones that have cracks on their skin and shell. The ones that are heavier for their size are juicier.


The best method to choose the best kiwi is by gently pressing it with your fingers, if it bends to slight pressure it is ready to eat.


The yellowish Guava which has no bruises or spots is the best to choose. Guava is ripe if it is soft and can be easily squeezed.


The best fruit is the one that has a sweet aroma when smelled. Mangoes with yellowish-orange colors are sweeter.


A Pineapple is fully ripe if the fronds which are large leaves at the top of the Pineapple pull out very easily.


Avocados with darker colors are ripe and ready to eat. Also on touching if it feels soft and not mushy it is the perfect fruit for the day.


Bananas are bright in color & slightly green are the best. Avoid bananas that are moist and have black patches on the skin as inside they are bruised.


Apples have a firm texture, shiny skin, and smell sweet are the best to choose. Avoid apples having black spots, bruises, or areas that are too soft.


The best Blackberries are the ones with deep black Color with a tender feel on touching. The red or purple color berries are not ripe and ready to eat.


Best blueberries are the ones that have a deep blue color and are ready to eat. White and green color berries are still not ripe.


A yellow color firm melon is the best fruit and is ready to eat. You can also smell the Cantaloupes at the cores if it doesn’t have any smell they are under-ripe and if it has an unpleasing strong smell they are overripe.


The grapes that are strongly attached to the stem and have a bright color with a firm texture are the best to choose. Avoid grapes that are soft and wet as they are the decayed ones.


The lemons having green patches are under-ripe and the ones with pale yellow are old and are less juicy. The best lemons have smooth skin and are heavy for their size.


The juiciest limes are the ones with soft skin and are not hard when touched. The ones that are heavy as compared to their size are juicier.


Oranges that have soft patches on the skin and that are way too spongy should be avoided. Oranges that feel heavy are juicier.


Peaches with a sweet smell and slightly soft and dark yellow are the best ones. The green one with no smell is not sweet and Juicy.


An oval or round-shaped watermelon that is dark in color is a ripe one. Watermelons with orange creamy color spots and sugar spots are sweeter. The heavy in size melons have more water content.